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Puerto Williams And Cabo de Hornos

Do you see yourself in the middle of the southernmost town in the world? Visit Puerto Williams and be surprised by its great biological diversity and the awesome natural beauty of its landscape. While there, discover the ancient ethnic culture of the Yagan, one of the most amazing in Chile. Their oral tradition and their ability to survive in the glaciers and archipelagos, the strong winds and complex environmental conditions, will fascinate you.

Follow the footsteps of Charles Darwin and explore Wulaia Bay, a living treasure of southern geography and relive the past visiting the most important settlement of the Yamana culture.

Behold the majesty of the Cabo de Hornos National Park, declared World Biosphere Reserve by Unesco. Lose yourself horseback riding along the shores of the Beagle Channel and the Dientes de Navarino mountain range. Be taken aback by the archaeological sites that are proof of the Yagan’s presence on this island at the end of the world.




Experience the Yamana culture, the people who sailed the Beagle Channel in their canoes. Discover the journey of the English naturalist Charles Darwin, who would later write the theory of evolution, inspired from his trips to the edges of the world.

Sail along the channel and discover Seward, Hoste, Lennox and Navarino islands, as well as the southernmost city in the world, Puerto Williams.



Sail around the southernmost park in Chile and feel like a conqueror of the forest ecosystem that is the farthest south in the world.

Thanks to the place’s natural value, it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco and all its species like the leopard seals, dolphins, whales, sea lions and birds are currently protected.

As well as visiting the island on a tour boat, you can be more adventurous and set sail into its extreme waters. Explore every part of the island through its trails, breathing in the fresh air of the end of the world!



Test your endurance and dare to follow the southernmost trekking route in the world. Navarino Island challenges you with its amazing Dientes de Navarino (Navarino Teeth), a mountain range covered by Magellanic forests and extensive peat mud flats with lakes and lagoons rich in fauna.

Conquer the highest point of the Navarino and feel the freedom with the intense wind in the Virginia Pass. Bear witness to a captivating and wonderful landscape!


Tierra Del Fuego

Ferdinand Magellan discovered and gave this place the name Tierra del Fuego because of the bonfires the Selk’nam Indians used to light, and you can see these while sailing. Come visit one of the most extreme landscapes of Chile and be amazed by its steep slopes where the guanaco and wild horses run free and where lonely condors soar above the Darwin Mountain range.

Learn about the history of its ancient inhabitants and of the settlers that risked their fate to work in the southernment tip of the planet. Visit Porvenir and the Fernando Cordero Rusque Museum that have interesting exhibitions of Tierra del Fuego fauna, archaeology and anthropology, and stories from the gold rush of this part of Chile.

Do you want a reward for walking? The Fagnano and Deseado Lakes are good resting points for the long walks and trekking routes available in these pristine landscapes that offer an unforgettable experience for fly fishing lovers.

Get on one of the cruise ships that sail to Puerto Williams and Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn) and then go deep into the Tierra del Fuego fjords. Don’t forget your camera to capture the spectacular wilderness and ice floes. This destination offers the challenge of trekking around the Dientes de Navarino trail, the southernmost trek in the world, one that’s not for the faint-hearted. Do you dare?




Located at the end of the world, this natural park amazes you with its majesty. The extensive Magellanic landscape, unique in the world, is a treat for the eye.

Hike along any of the five paths with different lengths and degrees of difficulty. Among forests of lengas, snow-capped mountains and a diverse native flora and fauna, its wide open 300,000 hectares may be a challenge for nature lovers.



Porvenir, the most populated town in Tierra del Fuego, is a peaceful place that invites you to discover it. Its unique promenade and buildings will take you back to the past and welcome you to the end of the world.

Come by plane or by ferry from Punta Arenas, crossing the famous Straits of Magellan, while watching diverse animals like dolphins, penguins and even whales.


Punta Arenas

With port and sheep-breeding history, the gateway into Antartica will captivate you with its clean air and sophisticated European architecture.

Take a boat or a kayak along the Magellan Straits and you’ll be surprised by the penguins as they welcome you to Magdalena Island. Go on an adventure to Tierra del Fuego and discover the best kept secrets of the Kawesqar and Selk’nam people, indigenous to the southernmost part of Chile.

Go back in time walking around Punta Arenas’ cementary. Its beautiful gardens bring elegance to the tombs of historical characters of the area. If you like shopping, the duty free area is the ideal location to get souvenirs from your trip.

Stretch your legs walking around the Main Square and take in its traditions. The Statue of the Indian is waiting for you to kiss or touch its feet, which people say means you’ll be back.




Come and be amazed by the beautiful Magellanic Penguins that welcome you on Magdalena Island and Marta Island, close to Punta Arenas. This natural monument will mesmerize you with its beautiful landscape and picture worthy images.

Mingle with these beautiful birds and observe how they live in communities. Aside from penguins, take this opportunity to get to know other species like the cormorants, seagulls and the amazing sea lions.



Sail through the Straits of Magellan and discover places full of history and adventure. Visit Magdalena Island, part of Los Pingüinos Natural Monument and be greeted by thousands of sea birds that live there.

In the cosmopolitan city of Punta Arenas, gateway to Antarctica, there are several fun activities you can do such as trekking, horseback riding and kayaking, set among stunning 100% natural landscapes.


Puerto Natales

A rancher feel and an ever growing adventure activity scene are mixed in this city, which is the gateway to the famous Torres del Paine National Park.

Climb the Dorotea Hill to look at Puerto Natales from above. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see the majestic flight of the condor that nests on the vertical walls of the hill.

Discover the Milodon Cave and get to know the history of this giant sloth that used to live here in this southernmost part of Chile more than 10,000 years ago. Sail through the Ultima Esperanza fjord and be amazed by the glaciers you’ll find on your trip.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the countless activities to do outdoors and you’ll be amazed by the vibrant colors that paint the sky at sunset, which you’ll see from your kayak or bike.

But not everything is physical effort, so enjoy the abundant Patagonian food and take the opportunity to recharge your batteries at the top level accommodation you’ll find here.




Sailing through these glaciers means admiring the grandeur of these almost virgin lands. Get comfortable in your seat; the trip begins on the Puerto Bories jetty where you’ll see colonies of cormorants and sea lions.

An can´t-miss adventure on these southernmost lands, the Balmaceda Glacier can be seen from the ship. To visit the Serrano, on the other hand, you need to take a short walk around the lake formed by its melted ice.



A place where wildlife is abundant among native forests that grow in the middle of a network of fjords, that is what the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, home to the Kawésqar people, is like.

In this park, the glaciers from the Southern Ice Fields are the main attractions and they invite you to visit the areas on boats and to behold their magnificence. This is an area that keeps the purity of nature in the south intact, giving the visitors an unforgettable experience.

Visit the park on horseback, relax by the fire and enjoy the sounds of nature or camp right by the river, lying under the stars that can be seen in the enormity of the sky.



Standing at 800 meters, Dorotea Hill (Cerro Dorotea) invites you for an easy group-based trek. Enjoy the trip and once at the top, prepare your camera. The mesmerizing view of the city of Puerto Natales, the Ultima Esperanza fjord and the Admiral Montt Gulf are worth photographing.

On the way back down, enjoy the lenga pathways and the beautiful sound of the birds living on the hill. To satisfy your hunger you can stop half-way for a typical supper with hot tea or coffee and sopaipillas with jam and butter.



The Southern Ice Field is a large expanse of ice with 49 glaciers, among which we find the O’Higgins and Pio XI Glaciers in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, and the Tyndall, Grey, and Montt Glaciers, which you can observe in the Torres del Paine National Park.  Trekking through the park’s icy, white paths and climbing its rugged hills will test your abilities.

Allow the peacefulness of the frozen mountains to enter your spirit and gaze over an unmatchable postcard worthy landscape created by the sun shining on its glaciers. The hardy flora of its surroundings, the lenga forests and cold steppes creating blotches of color in the eternally white landscape will bring a smile to your face.

Do you like a good challenge? Mount Fitz Roy is one of the most-difficult mountains to climb in the world due to its imposing crests and edges that seem to touch the sky. Dare to try your luck if you are a professional athlete, or simply marvel at the range of colors displayed on its faces, depending on the position of the sun.


Torres Del Paine

Have you ever felt completely insignificant in comparison to nature? Well, get ready to feel precisely that way among the turquoise waters, glaciers and towering granite horns of the Torres del Paine National Park. The jaw-dropping landscapes of this eighth wonder of the world are humbling indeed.

Immerse yourself in this vast national park; a backpack and comfortable shoes are all you require for a trekking adventure, the best possible way to explore this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Take full advantage of the 17 hours of daylight in summer and don’t miss out on sunrise, when the horns of the Torres del Paine massif glow purple and red. Sail on Lake Grey to admire the eponymous glacier, or paddle a kayak through its colossal blue and white icebergs.

You’ll enjoy terrific wildlife-watching in Torres del Paine. See majestic condors wheeling in the pristine skies overhead. Look out for foxes, huemul or Andean deer and guanacos along the way, and if you lie in wait patiently, you might be lucky enough to spot the reclusive puma.




The so-called W trekking trail runs around the main tourist attractions of Torres del Paine. The journey is named by the union of the three large areas which the trail runs through: the Ascencio Valley, the Francés Valley and the Grey Glacier Valley.

It is definitely one of the favorite treks for nature lovers. Dare living this adventure which lasts between 4 and 7 days, walking through lenga forests, amazing lookouts and steep slopes. Get ready to push yourself to the limit!



A complete and demanding path along the wonderful Torres del Paine is what the so-called “O Trail” offers. The 93.2 km long walk begins in the Amarga Lake area and completely circles the famous mountain.

Dare to be part of this challenge, lasting between 7 and 10 days and feel the privilege of getting to know places such as the John Garner Pass, the highest place on the circuit which, at 1,350 meters, has a impressive view of the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields.



Located inside the Torres del Paine National Park, the lake provides one of the most impressive postcards of Chile. A declared International Biosphere Reserve, its waters covered by ice sediment and huge floating icebergs will leave you breathless.

Its deep grey waters at more than five hundred meters of depth, let you kayak and canoe across it. Capture the moment with your camera and behold the rocky masses leading to the Southern Ice Fields that surround it.



The Cueva del Milodón is a site of great paleontological interest formed by three caves which have their remains almost intact. It is well known for having the “Devil’s Chair” at its entrance, a rock which, as legend says, was used by the mylodon as a throne. Others guarantee that it was Lucifer himself who lived here.

Don’t freak out! You’ll find a life sized replica of the famous mammal which the place is named after. Take a picture wrestling with the animal or a cuter one, giving it a hug. When you finish, take the time to have a picnic in the surrounding area, as there are special places to eat in the middle of nature.



Enjoy a privileged view of unspoiled nature and adrenaline filled experiences at the Serrano River Tourism Villa. Visit the wonderful landscape on horseback or be thrilled while kayaking through its rapids.

Lick your fingers tasting the delicious Magellanic food where fire-pit roasted lamb is the main attraction. When the day ends the unique tranquility of its accommodation and the variety of therapeutic massages will leave you totally renewed.



Sail through the Patagonian crystal-clear waters of this impressive scenic lake. Surrounded by endemic vegetation, it is a dream spot to see animals and to practice sport fishing.

Relax on its shores where you’ll have an spectacular view of the Cuernos del Paine Mountains. Fingers crossed, if the weather allows it, you’ll be amazed by the reflection of the mountains on the water. A one of a kind spectacle.


General Carrera Lake

Picture yourself sailing through the very heart of Patagonia on turquoise waters rippled by the constant breezes. Come aboard and discover the splendor of Chile’s largest lake! This body of water shared by two countries reaches the town of Chile Chico on its southern shore, an oasis with a temperate climate and thriving agriculture. It also offers a direct route to reach Argentina.

Embarking at the Port of Río Tranquilo, head first to the incredible Marble Chapel Nature Sanctuary to visit its network of caves, especially the famous ‘Chapel’ and ‘Cathedral’ caverns. Get ready to kayak through the many tunnels whose unique colors, textures and volumes make for an amazing photographic record. This natural wonder is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Chilean Patagonia.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll enjoy sport fishing, horse riding or trekking to see the fantastic flora and fauna on the shores of this great lake. In need of a proper rest? Relax and recharge your batteries at one of the luxurious lodges in the area, where you’ll enjoy first-rate accommodation and scrumptious food.




One of the most isolated natural treasures of the world, the Marble Caves (Capillas de Mármol) are a series of sculpted caves in the General Carrera Lake in the heart of Patagonia. The Cathedral, the Chapel and the Cave are the three formations that make up this natural spectacle that will certainly leave you breathless.

Keep your eyes wide open to admire the black and white columns reflected on the blue waters. A true dream for photography lovers.



You’ll find the third largest ice field in the world located in the heart of Patagonia, Campos de Hielo Norte. These are stunning natural formations famous for their odd shapes, colors ranging from white to blue, and where the sound of a falling piece of ice can give your goose bumps. Hike through the San Rafael Lagoon National Park, home of the San Rafael, Exploradores, Leones, Nef, Soler, and Steffen Glaciers.

Face Mount San Valentín fearlessly, the highest mountain in Chilean Patagonia and a magnet for scientific expeditions seeking the answers to climate change in its eternal ice. For sport lovers, this is the wildest white giant at the end of the world.



Located in the evergreen Patagonia, this park offers cinematographic landscapes with an incredibly rich biodiversity. Here you can see animals like the southern viscacha (chinchilla like rodent), the bobcat and the sneaky puma.

Live the adventure of a three-day trek, ride through the mountains on mountain bike or just behold the immense beauty of the area while fly-fishing or on a boat trip.

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