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Puerto Montt

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Feel the wonderful sea breeze and look out at the enormity of the Pacific while sitting in front of the ocean in Puerto Montt. Discover its port identity, the salmon culture and its rich cuisine.

Enjoy wonderful seafood at the Angelmó cove, star of the city that welcomes you with a table full of fish and seafood from the area. Visit its many restaurants, some with a view of Tenglo Island and Calbuco Volcano, where everything is prepared on the spot: the paila marina (seafood stew), the “cancato” (stew made of fish, chorizo, cheese and tomato) and the unbeatable sea urchins. To buy local produce and utensils, walk through the Angelmó crafts fair.

Are you a fan of architecture and structural design? Then walk along the streets of Puerto Montt and be amazed by the cathedral built from larch wood, the Jesuit Church, the Diego Rivera Art House and the Juan Pablo II Museum.

International cruise ships and ferries on their way to Chiloé sail through the fjords of Aysén and Magallanes, beginning your adventure on the Carretera Austral. And if you love the sea and want to relax on the soft sands of the south of Chile, in the summer you can rest on the beaches of Pelluco, Pelluhuin, Puntilla Tenglo and Chinquihue.




Explore these 200 hectares of Valdivian Forest with its large trees, bushes, vines, ferns and moss, as well as a diverse fauna dominated by birds.

Interact with nature, walking along the paths of the park and see firsthand the ancient larch trees, among other indigenous species of the south. If you want to rest, you can do so in the camping facilities available.



Just 2 kilometers from downtown Puerto Montt you’ll find Angelmó, a small cove that will awaken your senses. With a natural landscape that is intertwined with the typical hustle and bustle of the area, the colors, flavors and smells of one of the most renowned markets in Chile will welcome you.

Enjoy a rich and varied menu, where fish and shellfish are the main attractions. Here you can also buy some of the best souvenirs of your trip in the arts and crafts market, found across from the main market.



If you travel to this mystical land of witches and wizards, don’t miss out on the Ancud Regional Museum where you can get to know the history, mythology and crafts of the area, as well as its indigenous past. Visit the San Antonio Fort too, where the view of the port is spectacular.

The people from this area live off the sea, so it´s a good idea to enjoy their food before you begin traveling through the rest of the island.