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Puerto Williams And Cabo de Hornos

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Do you see yourself in the middle of the southernmost town in the world? Visit Puerto Williams and be surprised by its great biological diversity and the awesome natural beauty of its landscape. While there, discover the ancient ethnic culture of the Yagan, one of the most amazing in Chile. Their oral tradition and their ability to survive in the glaciers and archipelagos, the strong winds and complex environmental conditions, will fascinate you.

Follow the footsteps of Charles Darwin and explore Wulaia Bay, a living treasure of southern geography and relive the past visiting the most important settlement of the Yamana culture.

Behold the majesty of the Cabo de Hornos National Park, declared World Biosphere Reserve by Unesco. Lose yourself horseback riding along the shores of the Beagle Channel and the Dientes de Navarino mountain range. Be taken aback by the archaeological sites that are proof of the Yagan’s presence on this island at the end of the world.




Experience the Yamana culture, the people who sailed the Beagle Channel in their canoes. Discover the journey of the English naturalist Charles Darwin, who would later write the theory of evolution, inspired from his trips to the edges of the world.

Sail along the channel and discover Seward, Hoste, Lennox and Navarino islands, as well as the southernmost city in the world, Puerto Williams.



Sail around the southernmost park in Chile and feel like a conqueror of the forest ecosystem that is the farthest south in the world.

Thanks to the place’s natural value, it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco and all its species like the leopard seals, dolphins, whales, sea lions and birds are currently protected.

As well as visiting the island on a tour boat, you can be more adventurous and set sail into its extreme waters. Explore every part of the island through its trails, breathing in the fresh air of the end of the world!



Test your endurance and dare to follow the southernmost trekking route in the world. Navarino Island challenges you with its amazing Dientes de Navarino (Navarino Teeth), a mountain range covered by Magellanic forests and extensive peat mud flats with lakes and lagoons rich in fauna.

Conquer the highest point of the Navarino and feel the freedom with the intense wind in the Virginia Pass. Bear witness to a captivating and wonderful landscape!