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Tierra Del Fuego

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Ferdinand Magellan discovered and gave this place the name Tierra del Fuego because of the bonfires the Selk’nam Indians used to light, and you can see these while sailing. Come visit one of the most extreme landscapes of Chile and be amazed by its steep slopes where the guanaco and wild horses run free and where lonely condors soar above the Darwin Mountain range.

Learn about the history of its ancient inhabitants and of the settlers that risked their fate to work in the southernment tip of the planet. Visit Porvenir and the Fernando Cordero Rusque Museum that have interesting exhibitions of Tierra del Fuego fauna, archaeology and anthropology, and stories from the gold rush of this part of Chile.

Do you want a reward for walking? The Fagnano and Deseado Lakes are good resting points for the long walks and trekking routes available in these pristine landscapes that offer an unforgettable experience for fly fishing lovers.

Get on one of the cruise ships that sail to Puerto Williams and Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn) and then go deep into the Tierra del Fuego fjords. Don’t forget your camera to capture the spectacular wilderness and ice floes. This destination offers the challenge of trekking around the Dientes de Navarino trail, the southernmost trek in the world, one that’s not for the faint-hearted. Do you dare?




Located at the end of the world, this natural park amazes you with its majesty. The extensive Magellanic landscape, unique in the world, is a treat for the eye.

Hike along any of the five paths with different lengths and degrees of difficulty. Among forests of lengas, snow-capped mountains and a diverse native flora and fauna, its wide open 300,000 hectares may be a challenge for nature lovers.



Porvenir, the most populated town in Tierra del Fuego, is a peaceful place that invites you to discover it. Its unique promenade and buildings will take you back to the past and welcome you to the end of the world.

Come by plane or by ferry from Punta Arenas, crossing the famous Straits of Magellan, while watching diverse animals like dolphins, penguins and even whales.