Coolcation in Chile: The Perfect Climate Change Retreat

Discover the emerging trend of ‘coolcation’ and explore how Chile, with its diverse climates and stunning landscapes, is becoming a top destination for travelers seeking respite from the heat. Learn about the unique opportunities that coolcation offers and how it’s shaping the future of sustainable tourism.

Embrace the Coolcation: Chile’s Answer to Climate Change

As the world grapples with the realities of climate change, a new trend is emerging in the travel industry. Coined as “coolcation”, this trend is all about seeking destinations that offer respite from extreme hot weather. As we adapt to our changing planet, coolcation represents a shift in our travel preferences, and Chile, with its perfect climates and breathtaking landscapes, is uniquely positioned to cater to this emerging trend.

What is Coolcation?

While the term “coolcation” is relatively new, the concept it encapsulates is increasingly relevant in today’s climate scenario. Coolcation refers to vacations in destinations known for their cooler climates, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional sun-and-sand holidays. This trend is not just about comfort; it’s a response to the global rise in temperatures and the desire to promote sustainable tourism.

Traditional and highly demanded destinations such as Mediterranean Europe, Brazil, selected zones in Africa, and California also feel this trend’s impact. Even in high latitude places, summers are getting hotter, making the coolcation trend even more relevant.

Coolcationing during high summer season in Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia

Coolcation in Chile

Chile, with its varied geography and climate, is an ideal destination for coolcationers. From the temperate Mediterranean climate in Central Chile to the cooler regions of Patagonia and the Lakes and Volcanoes District, Chile offers a range of destinations for those seeking to escape the heat. Central Chile, with its unique blend of cultural experiences and temperate weather, is an attractive destination for coolcationers. Chilean Patagonia, known for its breathtaking landscapes of forests, mountains, and glaciers, is another prime coolcation destination. The region offers an unforgettable adventure for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The Lakes and Volcanoes District, known for its forests, imposing snow-capped volcanoes, and myriad lakes, offers a variety of outdoor adventures, making it a perfect coolcation destination.

The Impact of Coolcation

The rise of coolcation presents both opportunities and challenges. On one hand, it opens up new avenues for tourism in cooler climates, potentially boosting local economies. On the other hand, it can strain local infrastructure and natural resources. As such, it’s crucial to promote responsible tourism practices to ensure the sustainability of these destinations.


Coolcation represents a shift in how we perceive and experience travel in the face of climate change. As we continue to navigate this new reality, destinations like Chile, with its diverse climates and commitment to sustainable tourism, are leading the way. So, next time you plan your vacation, consider a coolcation in Chile – it’s time to swap the heat for a refreshing retreat!

Please note that while the coolcation trend is gaining traction, it’s always important to research and plan your travels responsibly, considering the potential impacts on local communities and environments.


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