19 days and 18 nights

Seize the whole of Chile in this specially crafted unique programme that allows the visitors to live an unforgettable and life-enriching experience throughout the country.

Day 1 – Santiago Airport- Santiago de Chile

Private transfer from Santiago Airport to your hotel in Santiago City.

Half-Day Private Santiago Tour – 4 hours (AM-PM): We invite you to discover Santiago, a cosmopolitan city which has become one of South America’s most modern hubs. Described by the international media as a surprising destination, Santiago stands out for being a cosmopolitan and modern city that perfectly combines its traditions with a modern outlook. The tour is absolutely flexible but will take you to visit the heart of the city and its emblematic sites such as the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, Santiago’s Central Postal Office and its City Hall. We will also visit La Moneda Palace, which is the government’s headquarters as well as the traditional neighbourhoods of the historic city centre.

Roundtrip Teleferico Santiago included.

Night at hotel La Reve in a standard deluxe room.


Day 2 – Santiago – Santiago Airport- Calama Airport- San Pedro de Atacama

Private transfer from hotel in Santiago to Santiago Airport.

Private transfer from Calama Airport to Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama (1:20 hours).

Private Excursion to Moon Valley (PM) – 5 Hours: Departure at 14:30 hrs. A couple of kilometres outside of San Pedro de Atacama, between the jagged rocks and unusual shapes of the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt Mountains), we find the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), a geological wonder of the Los Flamencos National Reserve. During the tour, you can take in the extraordinary shapes of the landscape, which will make you feel as if you were walking on the moon. During the afternoon, you can enjoy the unbeatable views of the Andes and its volcanoes. As dusk falls, the red and golden colours of the desert sky will overwhelm you. All this results in a simply unforgettable tour.

Night at the Altiplanico Hotel San Pedro de Atacama in a standard room.


Day 3 – San Pedro de Atacama

Private Excursion Tatio Geysers (AM) – 8 Hours: On this exciting tour, we will visit the impressive Tatio Geysers, at 4000 meters above sea level on the Andean plateau. Our journey to the Altiplano starts in the early hours (5:30 hrs), so we can watch the sunrise in one of the most important geothermic fields in the world: the Tatio Geysers. There are over 70 geysers with pools of boiling water spurting vapour. It is best to see them first thing in the morning, so you can truly appreciate the beautiful contrast of colours between the intensely blue sky and the pristine vapour from the geysers. We will then enjoy a deserved breakfast in this amazing setting, in the shadows of the Andes. This will allow us to warm up, as the temperatures in the zone can range from -2°C (28.4°F) to 24.5°C (76.1°F). On our way back to San Pedro de Atacama, we will travel through some beautiful landscapes, see the valleys, flora and fauna, and maybe spot some of the local vicuñas and vizcachas – a real highlight. We will then stop off in the village of Machuca, a truly Atacameño village of just 20 houses built from clay, straw and cactus wood. The inhabitants of Machuca all dedicate themselves to its tourism and will offer hand-crafted Andean souvenirs, as well as typical food from the region such as llama meatsopaipillas (a traditional bread made from squash) and empanadas. While there, we will also visit the beautiful San Santiago Church, named after the patron saint of the village, as well as visiting the wetlands where we can see flamingos, ducks and other birds.

Astronomic Tour – Shared excursion: The Astronomical Tour begins with a brief talk, naked eye, with a laser pointer drawing in the sky the different constellations and objects present. Then you will observe planets, nebulas, open-and-closed clusters, star sequences, galaxies, Super Giants and Hyper Giants through the telescope (the objects to observe will depend on the season). Emphasis will be placed on the Greek and Andean worldviews, explaining their way of interpreting the cosmos. On the premises, they have a 16-inch Newtonian Meade Lightbridge Dobsonian telescope (40 cm. primary mirror) F 4.5 (2 meters high). During the observation, there will be a table set with homemade pisco sour or wine (depending on season), hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk, etc.), in addition to cheeses, salami, sweet cakes. The tour will end with a group and individual Astrophotography, which are sent virtually. The tour is subject to weather conditions such as clouds or rains and does not operate on full moon days (in case of being suspended, the service can be rescheduled or cancelled).

Night at the hotel Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama in a standard room.

Day 4 – San Pedro de Atacama


Private Excursion to Altiplanic Lagoons – 10 Hours: Departure at 08:30. Discover the magic nuances of the desert by visiting the Toconao village, the great Atacama Salt Flat with its Chaxa Lagoon and the impressive mountain lagoons Miscanti and Miñiques in Los Flamencos Natural Reserve. The journey will begin with a visit to Lagoon Chaxa, a scenery of spectacular beauty that is divided into several water mirrors where a large number of flamingos and other birds live. Later we will visit Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons at more than 4,200 meters over sea level. Surrounded by imposing volcanoes is a habitat of a variety of birds, is a truly amazing destination. Finally, the landscape gives us breathtaking views of the Licancabur and Lascar volcanoes.

Night at the hotel Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama in a standard room.


Day 5 – San Pedro de Atacama- Calama Airport- Santiago Airport- Valparaiso

Transfer San Pedro de Atacama – Calama Airport: Private Transfer out from San Pedro de Atacama to Calama Airport (1:20 hours).

Private Transfer Santiago Airport – Hotel in Valparaíso: Private transfer from Santiago Airport to your hotel in Valparaíso or Viña del Mar (1:30 approx).

Night at Fauna Hotel in a superior room.


Day 6 – Valparaiso

Valparaiso City Tour + Street Art Experience: Valparaiso and its geography have made its inhabitants have to construct their houses and buildings in the mounds and ravines that surround it. This vertical labyrinth makes a thousand corners and in each one, we can find some interesting surprises. In our half-day walking tour, we will visit two of its traditional hills, Alegre and Concepción, where we can see how the history of the city and its geography have been determining its peculiar architecture. We can also appreciate the picturesque murals that have made Valparaíso the capital of Street Art. Artists and groups recognized around the world have left their work, paintings that tell stories of those who have passed through the city, subliminal messages, secrets or images of the world or local history. All of them are drawing the cultural development of Valparaiso and help illuminate its history. Finally, we will take part in a Graffiti Workshop (approximately 45 minutes) in which we will make our own paintings coached by a graffiti instructor, who will teach us the secrets of this art and put into practice what we learned during the tour, using the observed techniques.

Lunch at a local restaurant.

Night at hotel Fauna in a standard room.


Day 7 – Valparaiso – Santiago – Easter Island

Private transfer from Valparaiso/Viña del Mar to Santiago/Santiago Airport (Approx. 1:30 Hours).

Private transfer from Easter Island Airport to Hotel.

Entrance fee Easter Island National Park.

Night at Hotel Vai Moana in a Harevaka room.


Day 8 – Easter Island

Private Full-Day Excursion in Easter Island – 7.5 Hours: The first stop will be on the south coast, where you will visit the ruins of the Temple of Vaihu. This platform next to the attractive fishing bay of Hanga Te’é holds 8 moai, each with its red headdress. The moai now lie face down, just as they stood when they were knocked down. Next, you will meet Ahu Akahanga, an archaeological site with remains of platforms where, according to oral tradition, the first king of the island Hotu Matua was buried. After that, we will go to the Rano Raraku Volcano, also known as the quarry, or the “factory of the moai”. Here you can see almost 400 statues in different stages of carving, with unique characteristics and states of conservation. From here, we will visit Ahu Tongariki, the most extensive platform and with the largest amount of restored moai in the whole island, one of the unmissable postcards of your trip to the navel of the world. Next, we will move to Te Pito Kura, where you will find a rock with magnetic properties that would have been brought by the first King from Hiva, the mythical Polynesian island from which the first settlers came and is therefore full of mana (energy), near there is also the Paro moai, the largest moai ever transported from Rano Raraku and erected on a platform, it measures 10 meters (32.8 feet) and weighs 70 tons approx. And last but not least visit the beach of Anakena a paradisiacal beach with white and fine coral sand and crystalline turquoise sea, near the beach you will meet the Ahu Ature Huki which is the first moai statue raised on the island in modern times and the Ahu Nau Nau an imposing platform with seven moais, is one of the island’s best-preserved platforms. Once finished the tour we will return to the Hotel.

Night at Hotel Vai Moana in a Harevaka room.


Day 9 – Easter Island

Private Excursion in Orongo – 3.5 Hours: We will drive up the extinct Rano Kau, the largest volcano, from where you will appreciate one of the most majestic views of the whole island. Afterwards, we will go to the ceremonial village of Orongo, where the birdman competition took place and you can see the spectacular petroglyphs related to this culture and enjoy the breathtaking view of the 3 islets Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao opposite the coast. We continue our journey towards the sector of Vinapu where you can appreciate the development of carving techniques for the construction of platforms on Easter Island. At the last stop, we will visit the cave of Ana Kai Tangata, where you will appreciate the wall of the cave bottom, which reveals the remains of several paintings of native birds. The figures are painted with natural pigments of earth and animal fat, which in theory made them much more durable. Return to hotel.

Private Excursion in Akivi – 3.5 Hours: After hotel pickup, travel south with your guide into the park to visit the Tahai with its three ahu or ceremonial platforms on the small rocky cliff that rises above the sea. The altars form a visual line that stars in this magnificent setting. If you look straight at the platforms, the first group on the left with five restored moai are a sample of the different styles is the Ahu Vai Uri, the next one is the Ahu Tahai, a single solitary moai about 4.5 meters high (14.7 feet) raised on the oldest platform of the complex built around 700 AD. And the last one, the Ahu Ko Te Riku, is a single statue wearing a pukao or headdress. This is the only moai that has eyes on the entire island. After that we will continue to Ahu Akivi the most important and elaborate platform. It has seven moai that it is said, are the only statues that look at the sea of the entire island, since the rest turn their back on the ocean. The last stop before returning to the Hotel is Puna Pau volcano where the red pukao, or headdress, were extracted and carved.

Night at Hotel Vai Moana in a Harevaka room.


Day 10 – Easter Island- Santiago de Chile

Private transfer from Hotel – Easter Island Airport.

Night at Hotel Holiday Inn Santiago Airport Terminal in a standard room.


Day 11 – Santiago Airport – Punta Arenas Airport- Punta Arenas

Private transfer from Punta Arenas Airport to Hotel in Punta Arenas (30 minutes).

Private City Tour in Punta Arenas – 2 1/2 Hours: Discover the special charm of this extreme city, which was shaped by the Strait of Magellan with the contribution of various cultures, leaving a valuable historical and cultural legacy with traditions that endure to this day. Its population descends mainly from Croatian, Spanish, Italian, German, and English immigrants and families from Chiloé Island (south of Chile). Our tour begins with a visit to Cerro Mirador, where we can get a panoramic view of the city and the Strait of Magellan. Along with it, we will visit main streets and avenues, along with various monuments, as well as having the possibility of visiting the Maggiorino Borgatello Museum, a place of great heritage value that keeps a great ethnological and natural history exhibition with a varied collection of flora specimens and fauna present in the Region of Magallanes, handicrafts from the Yaganes, Onas, Alacalufes people and register on the way of life of the first settlers. The tour concludes in the Muñoz Gamero main square.

Night at Hotel Cabo de Hornos in a standard room.


Day 12 – Punta Arenas

Excursion to Magdalena and Marta Island: Early in the morning we start with this unparalleled adventure. After checking in at our office, we head to Laredo Bay to board speedboats; we navigate 45 minutes to Magdalena Island, where we stay for 1 hour with our guide to know the natural habitat of the Magellanic Penguins in the largest colony of South America. We continue our journey to Isla Marta to see sea lions, imperial cormorants, and hundreds of southern gulls. Then we return to the pier and to Punta Arenas. Depending on luck we will be able to see Austral Dolphins and Toninas Overa.

Night at Hotel Cabo de Hornos in a standard room.


Day 13 – Torres del Paine

All-inclusive program at Hotel Las Torres in a superior room.

4 nights All-Inclusive Program includes Check-in at 15:00 / Check-out at 11:00 AM. Regular transfers to/from Punta ArenasPuerto Natales or Calafate (fixed schedule only). All meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open bar (except premium drinks).Visit to Estancia Cerro Negro on day 1 (only for transfers from Punta Arenas) with lunch and activities included. All excursions inside the National Park (cruise fee is not included). Entrance fee to Torres del Paine National Park. 20% discount on our spa.


Day 14 – Torres del Paine

All-inclusive program at hotel Las Torres in a superior room.

Enjoy the day with excursions organized by the hotel.


Day 15 – Torres del Paine

All-inclusive program at hotel Las Torres in a superior room.

Enjoy the day with excursions organized by the hotel.


Day 16 – Torres del Paine

All-inclusive program at hotel Las Torres in a superior room.

Enjoy the day with excursions organized by the hotel.


Day 17 – Torres del Paine- Santiago Airport- Santiago de Chile

Private transfer from Santiago Airport to your hotel in Santiago City.

Night at hotel La Reve in a standard deluxe room.


Day 18 – Santiago de Chile- Maipo Valley- Santiago de Chile

Private Tour to Maipo Valley (7 hours): Private round transfer to Maipo Valley vineyards (7 Hours). The oldest wine valley in Chile and the closest to Santiago, the Maipo Valley blends sun, wind and winter rains to create Mediterranean climate conditions that make it perfect for producing Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Located less than an hour’s drive from Santiago, the valley is famous for its well-balanced red wines. The salts carried in the water of the River Maipo irrigate the fields, creating a unique balance between flavour and acidity in the resulting wines. The Maipo Valley can be visited all year round.

Private Organic Wine Tour with the owner: Patricio Ulloa, founder of Viña Las Araucarias, will take you on a tour of our organic vineyard, harvest patio, cellar, barrel room, and bottle room. There, you will be able to taste wines in different fermentation processes, by ending with a tasting of 3 organic wines. This tour will be a conversation with Patricio where he will speak about his experiences concerning the production of wine, the reasons he decided on organic and ecological production, demolishing myths about Chilean wine, and showing the passion and work he has put into his organic vineyard.

Lunch at La Viluma Restaurant with wine tasting included.

Night at hotel La Reve in a standard deluxe room.


Day 19 – Santiago de Chile- Santiago Airport

Private transfer from hotel in Santiago to Santiago Airport.


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