Navarino Island in Tierra del Fuego, Chilean Patagonia

7 days and 6 nights

Experience the Dientes de Navarino Trek, an awe-inspiring adventure that takes you deep into Patagonia’s untouched wilderness at the southernmost tip of the world. Trek through rugged mountain passes, witnessing nature’s wonders at every step. Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of Tierra del Fuego in an unforgettable journey through the heart of Patagonia’s last southernmost frontier.

It is a 7-day / 6-night program on Navarino Island for 6 people max, which includes a five-day expedition through the southernmost forests, mountain passes exposed to extreme wind conditions, lagoons everywhere, and untamed landscapes in every valley and summit.

Hiking the southernmost trail in the world is much more than a physical test. It is an experience that challenges all your senses and your sense of wonder. Magellanic clouds, strong winds, snow, and ice will follow you every step of the way, so being prepared is essential to enjoy and immerse yourself in this unique nature. This is a journey through the purest ecosystems in the world, while listening to the silence of the wind and the breathing of the mountains. It is an invitation to rediscover ground zero.


Day 1: 

Whether you arrive in Puerto Williams by air from Punta Arenas or by sea from Ushuaia (Argentina), we will be waiting for you to drive you to your accommodation. We will leave your luggage and get prepared to start a tour around the city of Puerto Williams. Thus, we will learn about the contrasts in the city with regard to the civilian population, the armed forces and the Yagan community. We will also learn about the brief history of the island’s occupation and the daily life of its neighbors.

Lunch in a restaurant with a local gastronomy menu.

Upon departure, we will continue our tour visiting the Martin Gusinde Anthropological Museum and the Micalvi Yacht Club. From here, we will go to Base Camp to have a technical briefing of what will be our adventure for the next few days.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

Overnight in Puerto Williams.


Day 2: 

We will have a hearty breakfast, and then we will be picked up to take us to the water intake, where we will start the Dientes de Navarino trekking. Steep ascent to Bandera Hill, then high Andean plane and vertiginous slope of the hillside. Final descent to Laguna del Salto, camp site for the first day of the expedition.


Day 3: 

Strong and damp ascent at the beginning. We will advance towards Paso Primero, Paso Australia, and Paso de los Dientes to cross the mountain range and sight the southern part of the island. From here, we will take a steady and quiet pace to our camp site, Laguna de los Dientes and spend the night in the surroundings of Cerro Gabriel. If the pace and the weather allow it, this afternoon we will propose to explore the surroundings bordering the Laguna de los Dientes, to find the best views of the south of the island on one lake, and the mountain range of the Dientes de Navarino on the other.


Day 4: 

The day begins overlooking the ridge of Cerro Gabriel, and the Laguna de los Dientes. The valley encourages us to continue to Laguna Escondida and then without much slope to the first ascent: Paso Ventarrón, exposed to strong gusts of wind. And afterwards the short but intense Paso Guerrico, which offers views of the valley of the same name. From here easy descent to Laguna Martillo, where we will spend the night.


Day 5: 

We start the day traversing large peat bogs and then ascending to the highest point of the circuit, the Virginia Pass. From here, a steep descent to Laguna Guanaco, bordering the lagoon and a gentle descent to Laguna Guanaco, where we will spend the night on our last day on the mountain.


Day 6: 

Morning hike to the final point of the trek with a visit to the most famous waterfall of Navarino, Cascada de los Bronces, as the highlight of our expedition. In the abandoned fishery a vehicle will take us back to our accommodation in Puerto Williams, take a shower, rest and prepare for the end of the day with a gastronomic experience closing of adventure, around a campfire in the middle of the forest. Overnight at Puerto Williams lodging.


Day 7: 

We will have breakfast and drive to the airfield to fly back to Punta Arenas or to the Antarctic Governorate if you are flying to Ushuaia.


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