Torres del Paine

from 7 days

Take in all the Torres del Paine National Park has to offer by hiking the full O trek Circuit, which includes all the treks of the beautiful W Circuit and all the wonders of the northern side of the famous mountain range. With very few hikers on this trail, you will enjoy peace and serenity and explore a unique side of Torres del Paine in Patagonia. This adventure offers an intense connection with nature. Some of the highlights include strolling through daisy fields, crossing rivers, and climbing the astonishing John Garner Pass, with the grand finale, Las Torres Base Viewpoint, on the last day. This hike will push you to your limits, but the experience is incomparable and the raw beauty truly breathtaking.

From USD 1,906 per person in camping in double tent. Ask for other options.
  • Our programs for the O Trek are all-inclusive, meaning they include:
    • Transportation and park entrance fees.
    • All meals from dinner on day 1 to box lunch on the last day.
    • Choose between the following types of accommodation: camping (with all equipment), mountain huts (with bed or bag), cabins and hotel.
    • Programs from 6 to 8 nights for 1 person (no minimum).
    • From November to March with customized and fixed departure dates.

  • We offer customized itineraries so you can make the O Circuit the way you prefer it:

  • We take care of everything:
    • You receive your digital itinerary with all the details 3 weeks before your trip.
    • Before your trip, we offer you all the necessary assistance (via email or video call) so that you can solve all your questions regarding your trip.
    • During your trip, you will have 24/7 support and emergency assistance while in our country.
    • Payments are made through WeTravel or Flywire, a secure payment platform that accepts payments by credit card or bank transfer.
    • You can book hotels, transfers and excursions in Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales to explore Patagonia before or after the O Trek.
    • Book all-inclusive resorts to relax before or after the O Trek.
    • You can add other tailor-made destinations in Chile such as the Atacama Desert, Easter Island, Santiago, Valparaiso and the Wine Valleys, the Lakes & Volcanoes District, other parts of the vast Patagonia, and Tierra del Fuego.
    • Can be combined with programs in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, as we are also experts in those wonderful destinations.

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Sample Itinerary (based on a O program of 7 nights / 8 days. Ask for 6 and 8 nights options)


Day 1 – Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine – Serón Sector 8 miles.

The day your trip begins, you will take the 7:00 a.m. bus from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park, which takes about 2 1⁄2 hours. When you arrive at Las Torres, you will pass by the Welcome Center before starting your first hike to the Serón Sector, which will take you through the Enchanted Valley and an old native lenga tree forest. You will notice that the trees are covered by a special kind of lichen, known as “old man’s beard” (barba de viejo), which only grows in the purest of atmospheres. Accommodation in camping.


Day 2 – Hike to Dickson Sector – 11 miles.

This long, yet unforgettable day will take you up and down the foothills of the Paine Massif mountain range with magnificent photo opportunities along the way, crowned with fluffy white clouds. To reach the Dickson Sector, you will descend to the shore of Paine Lake to a beautiful green location with stunning views of the surrounding peaks. Accommodation in camping.

Day 3 – Hike Los Perros Sector – 5.5 miles.

Make the most of the shorter trekking day ahead by waking up early and enjoying the silence by the riverside, while contemplating the clouds passing over the snowy mountain peaks. Once you have absorbed the surrounding scenery, with its hanging glacier, you will be ready to continue on your adventure, taking you through a lenga forest, home to the handsome Magellan woodpecker. On the last stretch of the trail, Los Perros Glacier will surprise you by hanging above a serene grey lagoon. Accommodation in camping.


Day 4 – Hike to Grey Sector – 9.5 miles

Today will be the hardest and, at the same time, the most rewarding day of the Circuit.

You will leave the Los Perros campsite early and zigzag through the forest’s humid terrain. You will then ascend a steep, winding, rocky section to reach John Gardner Pass. Once you get there, you will see before you the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, which will take your breath away in an instant, with its irregular peaks and turquoise glacial crevasses. Accommodation in camping or mountain lodge.


Day 5 – Hike to Paine Grande Sector – 7 miles

This is the part of the Circuit where the “O” meets the “W”. After a few very intense days, today you will enjoy a relaxing walk in the foothills of the mountain, amongst Antarctic beech trees (ñirre), Dombey’s beech (coigüe) and the Chilean fire tree (notro). This short, yet gratifying trek will fill your senses and the views of Mount Paine Grande, with the highest peak in the region (3,050m) and its hanging glaciers are just incredible. Once you arrive at the campsite, you can kick back and rest or take a leisurely walk along the shore of Lake Pehoé’s turquoise waters. Accommodation in camping or mountain lodge.


Day 6- Hike Francés Valley & Sector – 13 miles.

The day begins with a wonderful hike into the Francés Valley. Along the way, you will enjoy the peace of pure nature, be surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, and feel immersed in wild vegetation. You will savour the serenity of the forests and the glacial streams, where you can fill your bottle with pure water. And you will marvel at the majestic Los Cuernos Mountains looming overhead. The grand finale of this trek is like no other, a lookout with incredible views of the Francés Glacier and the rest of the Paine Massif Mountain Range. Accommodation in camping or mountain lodge.


Day 7- Hike to Central Sector – 9 miles

You will begin by walking along the Arriero River, which offers great places to relax and refill your bottle with fresh running water. You will be drawn to the beauty of these enormous summits looming over the turquoise lake below and will want to capture the incredible scenery forever in a photo. Lake Nordenskjöld is surrounded by amazing geographical contrasts, and home to many birds, so we recommend you look out for condors overhead. You will then continue along the base of the magnificent Mount Almirante Nieto and its hanging glaciers. Accommodation in camping, mountain lodge or hotel.


Day 8- Hiking to Las Torres Viewpoint – 12 miles – Return to Puerto Natales.

The day begins with a slowly ascending hike through the Patagonian pampas and steepens as you enter the Ascencio Valley until you reach Los Vientos Mountain Pass – with its spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and lakes. You will continue hiking, past the Chileno Mountain Hostel and through a native lenga forest before approaching the last stretch of your adventure. This part of the hike takes about an hour and is over rocky terrain lined with enormous boulders. Awaiting at the end is the most awe-inspiring view of the three iconic granite towers and glacial lagoon. Return to Central Sector.

There you will meet the bus that will take you back to Puerto Natales.


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