Requirements to enter Continental Chile and Easter Island

Updated requirements to enter Continental Chile and Easter Island Rapa Nui

Travel restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic are over. There are no travel restrictions whatsoever in Chile related to the health situation, as the sanitary authorities informed May 9, 2023. Nevertheless, it is advised to read the following information:

With non-resident foreign travellers:

  • Valid passport or ID, depending on the country of the passenger.

In Easter Island – Rapa Nui, the situation will be as follows:

  • Fill out the FUI special form, whether Chilean or foreign.
  • Non-transferable round-trip plane ticket to Easter Island, which allows effective compliance with the maximum term of 30 calendar days.
  • Reservation in a tourist accommodation registered in SERNATUR, or an invitation letter by someone from Rapa Nui ethnic origin processed by the Provincial Delegation.

Air connection and frequencies: only 3 weekly for the moment.

Visiting the Rapa Nui Park:

  • Mandatory tour guide to visit the Park (except Tahai and Anakena beach, which does not include the ahu area).
  • Reserve and purchase tickets online through the page:
  • It will be a requirement to make a reservation to visit the sites of Orogo, Rano Raraku, Hanga Rau and Ahu Akivi.

These are the latest news we have regarding the entry requirements for Chile and the specific case of Rapa Nui – Easter Island. For more information, contact us.